presentation titles

List of presentation titles

Ethiopian Studies (SoSA)

Bethelehem Tekola, The prostitutes after work: social life and socialization among a group of sex workers in Addis Ababa.

Daniel Hailu, Some implications of the interaction of formal education with an Ethiopian rural community: the case of Woyisso Qancaara Kebele, East Showa Zone of Oromia Region.

Demerew Dagne, Sources of conflict and indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms among the Annyuaa of Gambella (Southwestern Ethiopia).

Dinku Lemessa, Socio-economic dimensions of conflict-induced displacement: the case of displaced persons in Adis Ababa.

Fekadu Adugna, Ethnic integration and conflict: the case of Borana Oromo and Somali Clans in Liben District, Guji Zone, Southern Ethiopia.

Wubshet Demewozu, Begging as a survival strategy: conferring with poor at the Orthodox religious ceremonial days in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian Studies (ASAFAS)

Asante, Belle, Ge Mot: traditional basketry in the old walled city of Harar, Ethiopia.

Daniel Baheta, On the relationships between local livelihood and modern education in Eritoria.

Kaneko Morie, Learning process of pottery making in Ari, Southwestern Ethiopia.

Kawase Itsushi, The performance activities and the self-designation of Ethiopian minstrels: Azmari.

Mamo Hebo, Land dispute settlement in plural institutional settings: a case of Arsi Oromo.

Nishi Makoto, Making and unmaking of the nation state and ethnicity in Modern Ethiopia: a study on the history of Silte people.

Nishizaki Nobuko, How local people take different attitudes towards conservation policy?: a case of Mago National Park, Ethiopia.

African Studies (ASAFAS)

Hattori Shiho, Nature conservation project and hunter-gatherers' life in Cameroonian rain forest.

Hirai Masaaki, Utilization, creation and transformation of acacia albida farmed parkland in West-Central Senegal

Murao Rumiko, A study on the shifting cultivation system in Kalahari woodland, Western Zambia: with special reference to cassava management.

Naito Naoki, Sharing categories and experiences: the construction of social bonds through practice on the border between Cushitic and Nilotic speaking pastoralists in Northern Kenya.

Oda Yukiyo, Women chose to be hairdressers: a case study on a developing economic activity in urban Ghana.

Ogawa Sayaka, The trade of second hand clothes in the local-mega city Mwanza, Tanzania: with special reference to the commercial networks of mali kauli transaction.

Asian Studies (ASAFAS)

Andi Amri, Community participation in rehabilitation, conservation and management of mangroves: lessons from coastal areas of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Fujii Miho, Livelihood change in Philippine coconut farming village: a case study in Laguna Province of Luzon.

Koizumi Miyako, Ethnobotany of Penan Benalui of East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Lim Boon Hock, Salt making in Bangladesh: a study on spatial distribution of salt mills.