Period: 29 July -1 August 2004. Country: Myanmar
  Purpose of the Visit
  Participate in the Ph.D. Exam Board to Examine a Doctoral Dissertation Submitted as an Outcome of the Myanmar Field Station, 21st Century COE.
  MOMOSE Kuniyasu ( College of Agriculture, Ehime University)
  Record of Activities
  7/29 (Thu)
  • Leave Matsuyama – Arrive in Yangon (Myanmar)
      7/30 (Fri)
  • Visit the Dept. Botany, Univ. Yangon to participate in the Ph.D. exam board to examine a doctoral dissertation submitted as an outcome of the Myanmar Field Station, 21st Century COE.
      7/31 (Sat)
  • Discuss future studies and schedules for publications, and leave for Japan.
      8/1 (Sun)
  • Arrive at Matsuyama


      Outcome and Progress Report
                Mr. Win Myint, Lecturer of the Dept. of Botany, Univ. Yangon, has studied ethnobotany in various hilly regions in Myanmar as part of the project organized by the Myanmar Field Station, 21st Century COE. Last July, he submitted a doctoral thesis entitled “A Study on Ethnobotany and Its Socio-economic Value in Some Hilly Regions of Myanmar” as one of the outcomes of our project. This is the first time that a doctoral thesis in the field of ethnobotany has been submitted in Myanmar. I was invited to participate in the exam board for the Ph.D. degree, Dept. of Botany, Univ. Yangon, because I have carried out joint research with the author in the project, and it is difficult to find scholars from related research fields within Myanmar. His studies will be published in journals both as single and multiple authored papers. We also discussed the schedule for publishing.
              The thesis was mostly descriptive. I agree with the value of comprehensive descriptive studies, but I suggested some viewpoints that could be considered when publishing related papers in journals. First, he might elucidate the cosmology of the studied people based on objective ethnobotanical data. Second, he might discuss the process of transmission and formation of indigenous knowledge. Third, he might excavate indigenous knowledge that can be utilized in rural development.


      Future Tasks
      Publish the contents of the presentations and discussions.


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