Period: 11 December – 25 December 2005. Country: Tanzania
  Purpose of the Visit
  To attend 21 COE International Workshop entitled "Concepts and Perception on African Way of Rural Development Based on Area Studies"
  ITANI Juichi  (ASAFAS: Division of African Area Studies)
  Record of Activities
  12/11 (Sun)
  • Kyoto – Dubai
      12/12 (Mon)
  • Dubai – Dar es Salaam
      12/13 (Tue)
  • Attended COE International Workshop held at Hotel New Africa in Dar es Salaam
      12/14 (Wed)
  • Dar es Salaam – Morogoro
      12/15 (Thu) – 12/22 (Thu)
  • Morogoro
      12/23 (Fri)
  • Morogoro – Dar es Salaam
      12/24 (Sat)
  • Dubai
      12/25 (Sun)
  • Dubai – Kyoto


      Outcome and Progress Report
    (1) Workshop
               The Tanzania Field Station Workshop was held on 13 December 2005 in Dar es Salaam. It was held as an activity of the 21 COE Program in ASAFAS in collaboration with the Nairobi (Kenya) Field Station. The workshop aimed at finding local variation and common issues in coping strategies with globalization through comparative studies among rural areas, and to gain a new perspective on sustainable rural development.
             Many fieldworkers and practitioners in various fields from ASAFAS, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Mzumbe University, NEMEC (National Environment Management Council of Tanzania), JICA office and private companies in Tanzania participated in the workshop and shared a common understanding on the current situation faced by rural areas through fruitful discussions.
             Afterward, the participants discussed research plans at Sokoine University of Agriculture.
    Workshop Program

    J.Itani (ASAFAS, Japan)
    “African Way of Rural Development Based on Area Studies. African Way”
    D. G. Mhando (Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania)
    "Dynamics of Coffee Production: Challenges of Livelihoods of the Matengo Farmers in Southern Tanzania"
    M. Araki (ASAFAS, Japan)
    "Reconsidering Participation: Local Notion of Participation and Diversification of Group Activities in Southern Tanzania"
    S. J. Nindi (Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania)
    "The SUA Method and Local Government Nexus: A New Challenge to Sustainable Rural Development"
    V. Makota (National Environmental Management Council, Tanzania)
    "Resource Mapping and Management Using GIS & Remote Sensing Methods"
    F. Kato (ASAFAS, Japan)
    “Eco-system and Management of Rice Cultivation in Kilombero Valley in Tanzania”
    Sun Xiaogang (ASAFAS, Japan)
    “Pastoralists' Challenge to Rural Development: A Case Study of the Rendille in Northern Kenya”
    (2) Collaborative Research
              The institution of the Field Station can provide various services and opportunities for the fieldworkers, such as data analysis during the fieldwork, objective reviews of the field and fieldwork and so on. In particular, the seminar and workshop, which can be available to create a new multidisciplinary perspective, will be promoted frequently. Furthermore, some excursions to cross-visit other fields following comparative discussion are effective in deepening understanding of local variations.



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