"API Fellowship Seminar"

10:00-16:00, October 17 (Fri), 2003
E207, East Building of CSEAS


  1. Tetsuya Araki (Nihon University)
    - Putting the First Last - Networking NGOs in Indonesia
  2. Wimonrart Issarathumnoon (Chulalongkorn University)
    - Kyoto with her townspeople
  3. Hui Seng Kin (SUARAM, Malaysia)
    - Civil Society in Dam Decision-making in Japan:
    an Observation
  4. Joyce Lim Suan Li (Choreographer, Malaysia)
    - On the development of Contemporary Dance
    in the Philippines and Indonesia
  5. Fumio Nagai (Osaka City University)
    - Transformation of Political Structure in Decentralization
    in Thailand: the case of the Hangchat District,
    Lampang Provice, Thailand
  6. Rachel Pastores Corro(Integrated Bar of the Philippines)
    - The Impact of Globalization to Migrant Workers
    in Japan in the Areas of Employment and
    Labor Standards: An Analysis of Migration Policies,
    Strategies and Approaches
  7. Nareerat Leelawat (Thammasat University)
    - Negotiating of Identity in "Manga"
  8. Tatsuki Kataoka (Kyushu University)
    - Changing Identities of the Hill Tribes in Contemporary
    Thailand: My Research Activities in Thailand
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