"Intellectual Discourses of Southeast Asian Studies"

May 7(Fri) - 8 (Sat), 2004
Venue: CSEAS Bangkok Liaison Office
Co-sponsored by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Bangk Liaison Office and the Asian Scholarship Foundation (Bangkok)

The Workshop on Intellectual Discourses of Southeast Asian Studies (I) will bring together 10 to 12 intellectuals at a one-day meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, to discuss the present and future of Southeast Asian studies in the region. Participants will include representatives of different areas of expertise from academia, foundations, and cultural groups, with a balance sought between well-established and younger people. The workshop will begin an assessment that will continue in the participants’ home countries and intellectual communities. The objective of the process will be to generate:
  • self-reflective intellectual discourse about the state of Southeast Asian studies (broadly conceived) that will feed into a coherent regional discourse;
  • concrete suggestions for the future of Southeast Asian studies by Asians in Asia;
  • recommendations for consolidating regional initiatives to date with the establishment of an organization for Southeast Asian studies in the region.
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