"My Hometown Aceh, Before and After Tsunami"

Speaker: Ms. Syafwina (Lecturer, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia)
Date:17:00-19:00, April 22 (Fri), 2005
Venue: CSEAS East Building, 2nd Floor, E207

I went to Aceh on January 26 - February 12, 2005, to visit my family and relatives after the disaster. During in Aceh, I went around Banda Aceh and Great Aceh district. I visited disaster area, refugee camp, school tents and other part of the city. I made many photos, dialogue, delivered the donation from Japan and make the spirit of some victims up. I also join the BANGKIT ACEH Group visiting refugee tent to zikir, doa together, singing and poetry reading to cheer up the disaster victims.

In Japan, I made many presentations and performing Acehnese culture to Japanese in Kansai Area, to make them know about Aceh and also to support Aceh. I, others Acehnese Students and Indonesia Students in Japan also facilitate the Japanese institution who wants to visit Aceh for research or recovery purposes.

I and my friends plan to make a Children and Training Centerin Banda Aceh for the future of Aceh. My grandfather already gave 2,000 m3 ground areas to build this center, in Kampung Beurawe, Banda Aceh.

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