"Problematising Asia: reflections on the re-emergence of the discourse of Asia"

Professor Wang Hui(Tsinghua University, China)
16:00-18:00, December 14 (Wednesday), 2005
Second-floor meeting room of the North Building (Tonantei)
Professor Hamashita Takeshi

The trend to promote regional economic integration and internal cooperation was intensified in Asia after the 1997 financial crisis and the 9/11 event. Correspondingly, in mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Singapore, intra-Asian cultural studies, historical researches, art projects and political/economic discussions have been gaining momentum. In this informal discussion, Wang Hui reflects on the history and the present of this issue: what are the historical conditions for the new Asian discourse to come into being? What is the relationship between this new discourse and the ideas of Asia in and after the 19th-20th century? What historical possibilities does the discussion on Asia produce?

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