"Building East Asian Networks on Southeast Asian Studies"

9:00 - 13:00, March 14 (Wed), 2007
Room 207 on the 2nd Floor, East Building, CSEAS, Kyoto University
Opening remarks:
Kosuke Mizuno (Professor & Director, CSEAS, KyotoUniversity)
Part 1: Southeast Asia and Southern China (Yunnan)
  1. Chang Wen-chin (Assistant Research Fellow, CAPAS, Academia Sinica)
    "Venturing into "Barbarous" Regions: Trans-border Trade among Migrant Yunnanese between Thailand and Burma,1960s-1980s"
  2. Kong Jianxun (Research Fellow, Yunnan Institute of Southeast AsianStudies,
    currently Visiting Research Fellow, CSEAS)
    "Southeast Asian Studies in Yunnan: A Brief Introduction"
Part 2: Southeast Asian Studies in East Asia
  1. Jenn-Jaw Soong (Professor & Head of Dept. of Political Science, Chair of Graduate Institute of Political Economy, National Cheng Kung Univeristy)
    "Change and Development of Southeast Asian Studies in Taiwan"
  2. Liao Shaolian (Professor & Deputy Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Xiamen University)
    "Southeast Asian Studies in China: Progresses and Challenges"
Part 3: General Discussion
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