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Name Year of Pre-Doctoral Thesis Completion Purpose of the Visit Country
(Division of African Area Studies)

hasegawa reportReport
FY2001 Transformation of Agro-Pastoral Lifestyles among the Gogo Tanzania
NINDI, Stephen Justice
(Division of African Area Studies)

nindi reportReport
FY2001* Dynamics of Land Use Systems and Environmental Management of the Mountain Ecology: The Case of Matengo Highlands, Tanzania Tanzania
(Division of African Area Studies)

kondo reportReport
FY2001 Agro-Ecological Study on the Transformation of Indigenous Agriculture under Social Change in Southern Highlands of Tanzania Tanzania
SUN Xiaogang
(Division of African Area Studies)

sun reportReport
FY2001* Socio-Ecological Study on the Persistence and Dynamics of Pastoralism in East African Arid Area Kenya
(Division of African Area Studies)
nakamura reportReport
FY1999 Anthropological Study on Changes in the Age System and Body Adornments of the Samburu, a Pastoral People in Northern Kenya Kenya
SAKAI Kikuko
(Division of African Area Studies)

sakai reportReport
FY1999 Studies on the Articulation between the Business Practices of Market Women and the Monetary Economy in Kenya Kenya
YASUOKA Hirokazu
(Division of African Area Studies)

Yasuoka reportReport
FY2000 Examination of Sustainability of Hunting by the Baka, in Tropical Rainforest of Cameroon Cameroon
MAMO H. Wabe
(Division of African Area Studies)

mamo reportReport
FY2000 Land Tenure Changes, Land Disputes and Mechanism of Land Dispute Resolution among Arsii Oromo, Southern Ethiopia Ethiopia
(Division of African Area Studies)

kaneko reportReport
FY2000 Contextualizing the Process of Pottery Making: Artisan Group Among Ari in Southwestern Ethiopia Ethiopia
BAHETA, Daniel
(Division of African Area Studies)

daniel reportReport
FY2001 The Effect of Formal and Basic Education on Livelihood of Rural People in Eritrea: Case Study of a Settler Village Called Gadien Eritrea
YOKOTA Takayuki
(Division of
Southeast Asian Area Studies)

Yokota reportReport
FY2001 Mass Islamic Movements in Contemporary Egypt: A Study on the Da'wa of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Grassroots Activities Egypt
KOSAKA Yasuyuki
(Division of
Southeast Asian Area Studies)

kosaka reportReport
FY2001 Secondary Succession of Vegetation and Land Use System in Savannakhet Province, Laos Laos
Andi Amri
(Division of
Southeast Asian Area Studies)

andi reportReport
FY2001 Studies on Silvo-Fishery Systems and Natural Resource Management in Coastal Areas of South Sulawesi, Indonesia Indonesia
(Division of
Southeast Asian Area Studies)

suzuki reportReport
FY2001* Long-Term Sustainability of Taungya Teak Plantations in the Bago Mountain Range, Myanmar -Transition of the Ecological Environment during the Last 100 Years- Myanmar


*: Year of Enrollment to the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University, with MA from another university