1. Characteristics of Aquatic Resources in Laos

Most of the land of Laos is covered by the catchment areas for the MekongRiver. The biggest feature of aquatic resources of Laos is an amazing diversity of fish species、centered on members of the superorder OSTARIOPHYSI, such as carps, catfishes, loaches and the like. It is also interesting to note that Laotian people make many uses of frogs. They depend on fresh aquatic resources for a high percentage of their protein intake. The diversity of aquatic resources provides the foundation for the region’s culture as the core items of foodstuffs and also for trade.


A Wallago leeri, a kind of catfish that is one of the bountiful species of aquatic resources found in the Mekong River. This one weighed 27 kg, relatively small by local standards. The truck carrying a cargo of Wallago leeri in an insulated produce container with ice departed Pakse at 3 p.m., got onto National Road 13 and headed north until it reached a market in Vientiane at 6 a.m. the following day. Upon arrival, the fish were cut up immediately for human consumption.


IWATA Akihisa
Changes in the Utilization of Aquatic Resources in Laos

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