1. The Woodland and a Bemba Village

The Bemba, who live in the woodland of northern Zambia, have developed unique shifting cultivation called chitemene system. In the woodland, tree heights are seldom over 20 meters, and the distance between the trees is about three to five meters. This type of vegetation covers one forth of the lands in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Since 1983, we have carried out field research in the Bemba village of M in Mpika District in the Northern Province of Zambia. This is considered to be an attempt of a “fixed-point observation,” monitoring at the village level the trend of African society in the midst of dramatic change. The research has been conducted jointly by researchers of different disciplines and perspective along with young graduate students.

Location of the research site

Woodland scenery

Changes of Village Life in the Woodland of Northern Zambia: The Case of Bemba People

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