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--KAWASE Itsushi--
 "Lalibaloch -Living in the Endless Blessing- "



About the Film:
-Living in the Endless Blessing-

Director: KAWASE Itsushi
Camera: KAWASE Itsushi,

Movie: Lalibaloch -Living in the Endless Blessing-  
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The film focuses on the performers’ creativity, by specifically centering on the use of rhetorical expressions in interactions with the audience. The film presents the daily activities of an elder Lalibaloch couple (see below PDF) who come annually to Gondar.

Before Lalibaloch start singing, they ask neighbors the name, religion and occupation of the owner of the house. Thus, the song lyrics are contrived in a flexible way to uplift the feeling of the listeners according to the personal information they obtain from this sort of “research”. Once Lalibaloch receive alms in the form of money, clothes and food, they sing particular forms of blessing verse-wishing prosperity to the listener before moving to the next residence.

People in Gondar have variable reaction to Lalibaloch: some welcome them sincerely while others refuse them with deep-seated antipathy. Thus, the interaction between audience and Lalibaloch mirrors the mixed emotions of people towards the group and “begging” which may be considered a disgraceful behavior.

The film allows the viewer to witness how Lalibaloch justify their activities using a variety of rhetorical expressions in conversations and in the song text with the intended audience. Thus the film treats the detail of the conversation held between the performer and audience as an integral part of the ever-changing music-making process.

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