Report of Faculty Members:FY2004
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Faculty Members

Name Purpose of the Visit Country
reportTAKADA Akira
(Division of African Area Studies)
Meetings to Extend the Research Permit in Botswana, Research on People's Organizations Among the San, Documentary Research on the Historical Relationship between the San and Missionaries, and Research on San Development Projects Botswana
reportTANABE Akio
(Institute for Research in Humanities)
Field Observation for Preparation of Comparative Research on Regions of South Asia and Southeast Asia Burma
reportICHIKAWA Mitsuo
(Division of African Area Studies)
Field Research and On-Site Education in Cameroon Cameroon
reportSUGISHIMA Takashi
(Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies)
Preliminary Research on NGOs Supporting the Revitalization of Adat Indonesia
OHTA Itaru
(Division of African Area Studies)
Conduct On-Site Education, Maintenance of the Field Station and Research in Kenya Kenya
NAGATSU Kazufumi
(Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies)
On-Site Education and Arrangements for the COE Field Station Workshops in Bangi Singapore, Malaysia
MOMOSE Kuniyasu
(College of Agriculture, Ehime University)
Participate in the Ph.D. Exam Board to Examine a Doctoral Dissertation Submitted as an Outcome of the Myanmar Field Station, 21st Century COE Myanmar
reportHIRAMATSU Kozo
(Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies)
Acoustic Ecology Research at the Bagan Buddhist Ruins and Neighboring villages and Field Trip to Villages between Bagan and Mandalay, and Maubin Myanmar
reportMIZUNO Kazuharu
(Division of African Area Studies)
Field Research and On-Site Education in Namibia Namibia, France, Thailand
TONAGA Yasushi
(Division of Southeast Asian Area Studies)
Report of Field Trip to Tanzania and Turkey in July and August 2004 Tanzania, Turkey
reportARAKI Shigeru
(Division of African Area Studies)
Enhancement of the Field Station's functions, and field research in Northern Province, Zambia and Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe Zambia, Zimbabwe

Research Fellows

Name Purpose of the Visit Country
masuhara report(No.1) 
MASUHARA Yoshiyuki
(Research Fellow of the
21 st Century COE Program )
Transformation of Forest Resource Use in Laos from the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century to the Present: How Have People Concerned Themselves with the Forest? Laos
masuhara report(No.2) Support for the Improvement of the Herbarium of the Faculty of Forestry, National University of Laos Laos
masuhara report What Does the gTerritoryh Mentioned in the Administrative Documents (Bai Cum) of the Lan Xsang Kingdom (Laos) Refer to? Laos