::FY2003 Field Station Annual Report
  (1) Overview:
          A field station has not yet been established in the South Asia area. This is due to the fact that the research sites of faculty members and graduate students are widely dispersed across the region, and that there would be little benefit to establishing an FS. However, the necessary facilities for their studies are accommodated by Dr. B Mohapatra, a former ASAFAS visiting professor, at Jawaharlal Nehru University, which substitutes for the functions of an FS.
  (2) Dispatch of Faculty Members and Graduate Students:
          ASAFAS Faculty Members
  • TANABE Akio: Conducted research on contemporary trends in Hindu beliefs and ascetic practices in Calcutta, Bhubaneswar and Puri in India (August 2 - 31, 2003).
  • ADACHI Akira: Conducted research on the process-documentation method of participatory development schemes in Tamil Nadu State in India and Sri Lanka (February 16 - 30, 2003).
      ASAFAS Graduate Students
  • MIYAMOTO Mari (enrolled in FY2000): Conducted research on the features of nation-building in Bhutan (July 21 - September 19, 2003).
  • ISHIZAKA Shinya (enrolled as a third year student in FY2002): Conducted research on Gandhian environmental thought in contemporary India (July 29 - September 24, 2003).
  • KASEZAWA Masato (enrolled in FY1999): Conducted research on changes in Ayurvedic medicine in Kerala State, India (November 21, 2003 - March 25, 2004).
  • SHIME Taisuke (enrolled in FY2001): Conducted research on the relationship between development and village communities in Bangladesh (September 3, 2003 - March 31, 2004).
>>Report of Faculty Members:FY2003
>>Report of Students:FY2003
Reports of Field Stations in FY 2003

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