:: FY2003 Field Station Annual Report
  (1) Development and Improvement of Field Station:
          At the Institute of Materials Science, Nha Trang Branch, in southern Vietnam, there were a usable laboratory and work room from before the start of this 21st Century COE Program, equipped with research equipment such as a computers, microscopes and underwater video housing. Also, the Institute of Mangrove Ecosystem Research, Vietnam National University of Hanoi was functioning as the counterpart institution when Japanese researchers carried out studies. To investigate the possibility of setting up a new field station in Vietnam in FY2003, IWATA Akihisa (ASAFAS faculty member), while keeping in close contact with TSUTSUI Isao (ASAFAS research fellow), who was carrying out research together with the former institution, and SUZUKI Shinji (ASAFAS graduate student, enrolled in FY2000), who was conducting research through the latter institution, was considering their locations and sizes and what functions the Field Station would be expected to perform. It was decided that, because these research projects were in different locations and joint research was already underway with different institutional counterparts, rather than newly setting up a field station in a new research institution as a base, research would be continued under the present conditions, and activities in Vietnam would concentrate on the dispatch of students.  
  (2) Students' On-Site Research:
          TSUTSUI Isao obtained his doctoral degree in FY2002 on the ecology and uses of Vietnam's marine plants and in FY2003, with non-COE program funding, did ten months of field work on the same theme, chiefly in Nha Trang in southern Vietnam. He presented his achievements at the FY2003 annual meeting of the Japan Seaweed Association. SUZUKI Shinji too, with non-COE program funding, did field research for 11 months in Ca Mau Province at the southernmost tip of Vietnam on local residents' shrimp farming, use of marine products and their changes.  
  (3) Joint Research:
          TSUTSUI Isao has been carrying out the above-mentioned research together with the Branch of the National Institute of Material Sciences in Nha Trang and plans to jointly write up and publish some of the findings in an illustrated reference book, The Common Marine Plants of Southern Vietnam thus, feeding back the knowledge gained to the local community. SUZUKI Shinji has also been carrying out the above-mentioned research in collaboration with the Institute of Mangrove Ecosystem Research, Vietnam National University of Hanoi and plans to publish the results in professional journals, while aiming to obtain his doctoral degree.  
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