: : FY2003 Field Station Annual Report
  (1) Development and Improvement of Field Station:
          We established the Bangi Field Station (hereafter Bangi FS) on the 4th floor of the Institute of Malay World and Civilization (ATMA) of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia(UKM). Bangi FS is being used as a base for on-site research and education in Malaysia and Singapore for ASAFAS and CSEAS students and faculty members and as a place for scholarly exchange between UKM and ASAFAS, CSEAS. The Field Station is equipped with a work table, coffee table, book case, computers (1 desktop and 1 notebook), printer, and scanner.  
    Institute of Malay World and Civilization (ATMA) Bangi FS Discussion at ATMA  
    On-site education at Kuala Terengganu (1) On-site education at Kuala Terengganu (2) On-site education at Kuala Terengganu (3)  
  (2) On-Site Education and Research:
          Graduate students' research activities
Bangi FS provides research support for ASAFAS graduate students as one of the pillars of its activities. In this fiscal year three graduate students were engaged in on-site research and literature research with Bangi FS as their base. One of them is receiving funding from the 21st Century COE Program. Each of the students received advice on applying for a research permit, searching for reference materials, and on-site research from faculty members of ATMA and UKM and other institutions. An outline of their research is as follows.
  1. KATO Yuko (enrolled in FY2000),
    dispatched to the field station in FY2003 Preliminary research on the impact of public health policies on Malay villages in Selangor State (0ctober - November 2003)
  2. KAWANO Motoko (enrolled in FY1999),
    dispatch planned for FY2004 On-site research on socio-economic relations of small-scale fishery in Terengganu State (May 2003 - March 2004)
  3. NAITO Daisuke (enrolled in FY2003)
    Research of the literature at ATMA and the Forest Research Institute Malaysia on forest use by Orang Asli (September - December 2003)
      On-Site Education
NAGATSU Kazufumi and KATO Tsuyoshi visited Terengganu and Selangor states in December and gave on-site education to KAWANO Motoko and KATO Yuko. At KAWANO's research village and the Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia in Terengganu, explanations were given from relevant parties regarding small-scale fishing and marine products distribution. In Selangor villagers were interviewed about public health care in the villages and changes in delivery practices and the role of midwives. On the basis of these observations and interviews, we advised KAWANO to place her research in the macro political context, incorporating development policies and the local administrative system, and to consider the socio-economic relations in her research site, while KATO was advised to interpret changes in birth practices and social relations from a comparative perspective, focusing not only on rural villages, but contrasting with Malays in new housing estates, called taman. KITANI Kimiya (CSEAS faculty member) and UMEKAWA Michihisa (ASAFAS faculty member) obtained information on the computer environment at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia from Dr. Ibrahim Taat of the university's computer center and set up the Bangi FS's environment for using the Internet.
  (3) Creation of Electronic Documents:
          At Bangi FS we are in the process of computerizing the following materials. The first has already been completed. The electronic documents will be gradually put on the Bangi FS homepage that will shortly be set up (for university use only) and will at the same time be provided to ATMA's portal site PADAT (Malay World Studies Database).
  1. The British North Borneo Herald, 1883 - 1941, a colonial government publication in North Borneo (present day Sabah State)
  2. Annual Reports, Department of Health, Selangor, a government publication on delivery care in Selangor State
  3. Kitab Perukunan Besar and other Malay language Islamic texts in Jawi transcription
In addition, in FY2004 we plan to computerize items such as Administration of Islamic Law Enactment of different states of Malaysia. And the Bangi FS homepage will be up and running in the near future.

(4) Joint Workshop:

          NAGATSU, together with SUGISHIMA Takashi (ASAFAS faculty member), held a Field Station Joint International Workshop at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in Jakarta. In the afternoon session, "Everyday Life and Policing in the Wallacean World," NAGATSU and KAWANO presented their reports, the titles of which are as follows.
  • Nagatsu Kazufumi: Dynamics of Cross-border Movements: Interactions between the Sama and Modern States in the West Celebes Sea
  • Kawano Motoko: How Did the Inter-ethnic Relations in Ikan Bilis Fishery Change? A Local Socio- economy in an Era of Development in Malaysia
    Field Station Joint International Workshop (1) Field Station Joint International Workshop (2) Field Station Joint International Workshop (3)  
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Reports of Field Stations in FY 2003

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