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March 8 (Thu) "Core University Program Special Seminar"
March 14 (Wed) "Building East Asian Networks on Southeast Asian Studies"
March 15 (Thu) "Core University Program Special Seminar"
March 21 (Wed) "Kyoto Philippine Forum"
March 23 (Fri) "Letters of Contestation: Leke Religious Cult among the Karens in Myanmarand Thailand"


Previous Activities
  Previous Activities:FY2006  
     January 2007    
    25 (Thu) "Magnitude of genetic diversity and patterns of their distribution in some Ethiopian plant domesticates and their impact on the development and livelihood of rural community"  
    22 (Mon) "Agrarian Relations in Upland Sulawesi: The Case of Tana Toraja"  
     December 2006    
    18 (Mon) "Shiite Movements in Iraq and Current Political Situation"  
    15 (Fri) "The 7th Seminar on Politics, Economics and History of Asia"  
     November 2006    
    15 (Wed) "State, Market and Community"  
    14 (Tue) "Core University Program Special Seminar
Project 8: "Changing 'Families'"-Is the Thai Family Patriarchal?"
    9(Thu)-13(Mon) "Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries and Re-visioning Area Studies: Perspectives from Asia and Africa"  
    2 (Thu) "Special Seminar"  
     October 2006    
    17 (Tue) "Legalizing Shari'a (Islamic Law) and Its Impact on the 'Pancasila State' in Indonesia: the Case of Shari'a Regulations (Perda Shari'a)"  
     September 2006    
    29 (Fri) "Indonesian Perspective of Foreign Policy: Under the Waves of Neo-Conservatism and Its Counters"  
    28 (Thu) "Sex distinction, gender and kinship: Implications of a relational perspective. Insights from the study of Austronesian societies"  
    28 (Thu) "Interrogating "Texts" and "Traditions" of Resistance: New Arenas of Historical and Anthropological Research in Southern Ethiopia "  
    20 (Tue) "Biodiversity in Indonesia, Crisis and Sustainability"  
    1 (Tue) "New Voices from Area Studies"  
     July 2006    
    28 (Fri) "The Iranian Passion Drama (Ta'ziyeh) and Iranian Political Culture"  
    11 (Tue) "Farming Systems Development in Bangladesh - with special reference to traditional agricultural tools"  
    7 (Fri) "Elderly Care in the Ageing Societies: Women as Care-Givers and Care-Receivers(Case Studies in The Netherlands, Indonesia and Japan)"  
    6 (Thu) "The Analytical Problem of the "Embeddedness" of EconomicActivity in Culture: Perspectives for Global Economic History"  
    1 (Sat) "New Perspectives on Chinese Business, Family, and Changing Regimes in Indonesia"  
     June 2006    
    9 (Fri) "Political Change in Malaysia and Singapore: A Personal Reflection"  
     May 2006    
    29 (Mon) "API Seminar"  
    25 (Thu) "Fleeing from Caste Oppression: Emigration of South Indian Coolies to Southeast Asia, 1871-1982"  
    23 (Tue) "Politics, Economics and History of Asia"  
    18 (Thu) "Hunter-gatherer’s Concepts on the Environment"  
     April 2006    
    28 (Fri) "Asia and the Rise of the Early Modern World Economy"  
    27 (Thu) "African Philosophy: an Introduction"  
    22 (Sat) "Politics and Role of Mass Media in the Post-Authoritarian Indonesia"  
    21 (Fri) "Traditional Culture in the Creation of Contemporary Myanmar"