: : FY2004 Field Station Annual Report
          Due to various circumstances described in last year's annual report, it was decided to focus on the dispatch of students to Vietnam, rather than set up and equip a field station there.

  (1) Promotion of Research Activities and Joint Research:
          TSUTSUI Isao (ASAFAS research fellow) has continued from last year to carry out joint research on the ecology and uses of Vietnam's marine plants at the Institue of Materials Science, Nha Trang Branch, in southern Vietnam with doing several months of field work in central and southern Vietnam. Nghiem Phoung Tuyen (enrolled as a third year student in FY2002) carried out research with the Institute for Environment and Resources, Vietnam National University of Hanoi as counterpart. TAKAHASHI Asako (enrolled in FY2004) also carried out research with Vietnam National University of Hanoi as counterpart. SUZUKI Shinji (enrolled in FY2000) is carrying out research with the Mangrove Ecosystem Research Division, Centre for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Vietnam National University, Hanoi as he did last year on shrimp farming and mangrove forests and the ecological resources there and changes in their use and management.  
  (2) Dispatch of Students:
          Nghiem Phoung Tuyen was dispatched to do field research on "Rural-urban (Regional) Integration; The Case of Bao Thang District in the Northern Mountain Region of Vietnam" from July 2 until August 8, 2004, and TAKAHASHI Asako was dispatched to do field research on the theme of the current state of and measures against arsenic contamination of underground water in the Mekong Basin in Vietnam from March 19-31, 2005.  
  (3) Dispatch of Faculty Members:
          No faculty members were dispatched in FY2004.


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