: : FY2004 Field Station Annual Report
West Asia
  (1) Overview:
          The main task for this fiscal year was to put the activities of the West Asia Field Station, which developed from the Egypt FS, onto a smooth track forward. On the basis of the accumulated human networks and research methods created through the activities of the Egypt FS by the previous fiscal years, the goal is now to further develop the research area in West Asia including Syria and other Arab countries as well as Turkey. Activities were conducted with a particular emphasis on Turkey this year.

  (2) Dispatch of Graduate Students:
          During this fiscal year, no graduate students were dispatched using funds from the 21st Century COE Program. However, ARAI Kazuhiro (enrolled in FY2001) and Idiris Danismaz (enrolled in FY2003) who conducted research in Egypt and Turkey, respectively, with non-COE funding, were provided facilities by the local counterparts of the COE Program for the Field Station, and by their faculty members.

  (3) Dispatch of Faculty Members and On-Site Education:
          TONAGA Yasushi visited Tanzania and Turkey between July and August 2004 and held discussions with Ankara University in Turkey on the management of the FS and the promotion of the international exchange agreement. He also inspected the operations of the Tanzania FS and gathered information that could be helpful for the operation of the West Asia FS.

      TONAGA also formed a personal network to help FUJII Chiaki (enrolled in FY2004) smoothly carry out her on-site research in Tanzania, and provided tutorials to Idiris Danismaz, who was conducting on-site research in Turkey.
  (4) Future Plans:
          Work will continue to consolidate and enhance the FS activity in Turkey, which already made progress this year. Based on the accumulated know-how, there are also plans to improve and expand the activities to enable wide-area activity with a broader perspective including the whole of West Asia.

  (5) International Exchanges:
          The research partnership and cooperation with Cairo University, Egypt, has become ever more solid, and the personal network with The American University in Cairo has been growing more closer.

      Research cooperation building with Ankara University, Turkey, has been almost completed and now the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is being discussed. An effort is also being made to solidify the cooperation with Marmara University by maintaining close contact.

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